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Limited Liability Company  «Westron»
Director General -
Mikhail Anatolyevich Chernyshov
"High professional expertise and great experience of the collective body, high technological level of the Enterprise having up-to-date production and engineering base, dynamic development – these are main features of Westron which allow the Company to be one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises working in the sphere of management and control systems for nuclear and fossil-fueled power stations and other industrial objects".
M.A. Chernyshov, Director General of LLC Westron
The enterprise «Westron» was established in 1994 by Hartron and Westinghouse Electric Company (USA), one of leaders in the world nuclear power engineering. The main area of LLC «Westron» activity is accomplishment of the whole complex of work on automatic process control systems of industrial enterprises, including designing, manufacturing, testing, supplies, implementation and follow-on during operation of systems, equipment and software for automatic process control systems of nuclear and fossil-fueled power stations and other industrial objects.
ЮУАЭС_3.jpgSystems, designed and manufactured by «Westron», successfully operate at all nuclear power plants of Ukraine. A considerable volume of work on automatic process control systems is carried out in other countries (Russia, Armenia, Czechia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Sweden, USA, Spain). «Westron» may take a legitimate pride in many accomplished projects. These are the world first replacement of the information-computation system at the power unit WWER-1000 and implementation of the system of safety parameters presentation (СППБ) at all acting power units WWER-1000 of Ukraine, and systems of level control in steam generators for NPP, systems of automatic regulation for NPP, systems of radiation control of power units, automatic process control systems for fossil-fueled power stations, and many, many others.
To create automatic process control systems «Westron» employs an up-to-date software- hardware platform Vulkan/Vulkan-М. The platform Vulkan/Vulkan-М, developed by Westron, is based on up-to-date approaches to designing and building systems and to the maximum extent takes into account multi-year experience in creating and operation of automation systems for industrial objects as well as tendencies in electronics and software development. The platform Vulkan/Vulkan -М allows to create a wide range of software- hardware complexes (PTK) of automation systems, including both simple and failure-proof redundant PTK of large dimensions, accounting for all Customers’ requirements.
«Westron» manufactures in batches hardware complexes (KTS) Vulkan/Vulkan -М, which fully comply with all requirements to the equipment of automatic process control systems for Nuclear Power Plants and are recommended for implementation at Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine. Besides Vulkan/Vulkan–М platforms Westron has respective facilities and experience of application in projects of the automatic process control systems on platforms of other manufacturers (Westinghouse, Emerson, ABB and others).
«Westron» quality management system fully corresponds to standards ISO 9001-2000 and State Standards of Ukraine ДСТУ ISO 9001-2000. The Enterprise was one of the first in Ukraine to certify it, and confirmed its validity many times in the course of certification audits carried out by the company TUV. «Westron» is an approved corporative supplier of the National Nuclear Power Company «Energoatom» with the right of designing, manufacturing, supply and implementation of its products at Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine as well as a qualified supplier of Westinghouse.
Meeting the requirements and expectations of Customers is the prevailing principle of activities of the Enterprise. Successes of the Enterprise in many respects are ensured by its main value – people. Highly skilled specialists in system analysis and designing, functional design, software, design of electronic instruments, manufacture and testing of systems and devices work at Westron. Advances of «Westron» are the result of their selfless labour and enthusiasm.
ul. Akademika Proskury 1,
Kharkov 61070, Ukraine
Phone: +38 (057) 717-06-01
Fax: +38 (057) 717-79-56