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Joint-Stock Company «HARTRON»
Chairman of the Board -
Nikolai Ivanovich Vakhno
JSC «HARTRON» is a holding structure, comprising the managing JSC «HARTRON» itself, and nine enterprises, created with participation of the managing Company. Nikolai Ivanovich Vakhno, Chairman of the Board, is at the head of the Organization - the JSC «HARTRON».
As an organization the JSC «HARTRON» is subordinate to the State Space Agency of Ukraine (block of shares 50%+1 belonging to The State Property Fund of Ukraine, submitted to the management the State Space Agency of Ukraine). The managing JSC «HARTRON» is a research organization having a license of the State Space Agency of Ukraine for accomplishing activities in the sphere of space. Besides conducting research work the managing Company cooperates in the interests of «HARTRON» enterprises with the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Ministries and Departments of Ukraine, our partners in the countries of the former Soviet Union and far abroad.  The managing Company also coordinates activities of subsidiaries, looks for new orders. Enterprises incorporated in the JSC «HARTRON», are located in Kharkov, Zaporozhye and Berdyansk. Each enterprise is a legal entity.
Joint-Stock Company «HARTRON» comprises the following enterprises:
LTD RPI HARTRON-ARKOS Development of control systems for rocket complexes and space-qualified hardware, automatic control systems and diagnostics systems for nuclear power plants.
LTD RPI HARTRON-PLANT Manufacturing of control system hardware for rocket complexes and spacecraft, hardware for nuclear power plants, consumer goods, control panels for railway transport and statives.
SMC «HARTRON-UCOM LTD» The development and manufacturing of hardware for spacecraft control systems, telemetry equipment, fiber-optics communication lines, systems of telemetry and automatic process control systems for gas and oil industry.
RPE HARTRON-ENERGO LTD The development and manufacturing of automation instruments for nuclear and fossil-fueled stations, gas analyzers.
RPI «HARTRON-ASKOND» LTD  The development of subsystems of control the carrier rocket RS-20 program "Dnepr". 
LLC «WESTRON» An enterprise established together with «Westinghouse» (USA). Designing, manufacturing, turnkey implementation of automatic process control systems for nuclear power plants, fossil fueled power stations and other industrial objects.
LTD RPI HARTRON-INKOR The development and manufacturing of relay protection and automation hardware for objects of power engineering, railway station automation.
LTD RPI «HARTRON-EXPRESS» The development and manufacturing of electric equipment for the railways rolling stock and railway stations.
LTD «HARTRON-VIOLIS» Children ‘s Health Complex in Berdyansk.